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Weyland QAV 250 Frame Multicopter Fpv Drone Frame Kit 4-Axis Quad Frame Carbon Fiber

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Brand: Weyland

Color: QAV 250 Frame


  • 250 4-axis has the chari light weight, small size, long life, easy to modify. The rack is made of carbon fiber , the thickness of body plate is 1.5mm, thickness of arm plate is 3mm. (Plate thickness error of ± 0.1mm) 3mm thickness machine Arm, to ensure the strength of the aircraft when flight, effectively reduce the vibration. Fuselage with aluminum alloy column connection to ensure the strength of the fuselage. 4MM arm edge grinding angle, which can effectively increase the body strength
  • Compact Design:it is specially designed for the new players and also perfectly suitable for the senior player to professional DIY. Moreover, the thickness of Glass Fiber fuselage is 1.5mm and the thickness of machine arm is 3.0mm, which can guarantee the flying ability of the Quadcopter and effectively reduce the shake
  • Easy to Build:The fuselage is integrated by the aluminum alloy pillar (Pink) to guarantee its intensity. This allows the quadcopter to compete with larger quadcopters, while being smaller and agile Reserved with plenty of space to fit your FPV and tuck away all the wires. Four rubber dampers with strong shock absorption ability.Compact design with few components, easy to build.
  • Safe and Stable Flight:Eight copper standoffs to assemble the frame, providing a stable flight for your quadcopter.
  • Power configuration; Motor; 1806-2206 series 2200-2600KV Propeller; 5-6 inch Battery; 1300MAH-2200MAH Electricity; 10-20A (The above power configuration is for reference only) Carbon fiber processing: the center board is 1.5mm thick matte carbon fiber Arm thickness: 4MM

Details: Recommended Configuration(Not included):
Motor: 2208/1800kv
Propeller : GemFan 5x3
Battery: 3S 11.1v1500mah
Flight Controller: FPVManuals CC3D, RMRC CC3D, Naze32, Flip Pro MWC
Receiver: FrSky T6- receiver
CCD Camera: SONY Super HAD CCD 600TVL Board
Camera w/ 2.8mm lens - Settings to use on camera
HD Camera: Mobius Action Camera
Video Transmitter: Immersion RC 600mw Vide

Material:carbon fiber
Weight:141 g
Package weight:161 g

Package including:
1 x Carbon Fiber Mini 250 Quadcopter Frame Mini Quad Frame for 250 C250

Accessory Recommended:
Remote Control:FS i6 / AT9S(Asin:B06VYJ7WVL) / x9d (recommended X9D)
Flight Control: F3(Asin:B06W9DV7W9 )
Bullet ESC: 20-35A (Asin:B01N9OHIT5 /B01N0XPI0F/B01N7P24E4 )
Motor: 2204 2300KV (Asin:B01N30RETG ) or 2206 2300KV or 2205 2300 kv(Asin:B01MR2VLZ4)
Propeller:6045(Asin:B01MY4RR3R ) Power Distribution Board: matek Dual BEC
Camera: runcam series
BB ring :(Asin:B01MU7IEDN)
Image Transmitter:400-600W(Asin:B01MZ6NHNP )
Antenna:3-Blade Mushroom (Asin:B06VT2VNMB )
Battery:3-4S >=25c