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Vortex Plastic Crash Kit - White

Vortex Plastic Crash Kit - White

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These are parts most likely to break in a serious crash with the Vortex. 

Included are all parts which mount the motors to the carbon fiber arms, the plastic pivot points, foldable arm clips, and all other plastic parts. 
No carbon fiber parts are included in this crash kit, see Crash Kit #2 for these parts.

Contains the following parts, all in injected plastic, with the exception of the front bumper, and the screws. 

  • 1x Front Bumper, FR4
  • 2x Side Plate
  • 8x Arm Clip
  • 4x Arm Pivot Top
  • 4x Arm Pivot Bottom
  • 4x Landing Bumper
  • 4x Landing Mount
  • 4x Motor Mount
  • 8x Hex Bushing
  • 1x Cam Support Base
  • 1x Cam Support Arm
  • 4x Dampener Pin
  • 4x Dampener Circlip
  • 4x Screw HA2x8
  • 4x Screw HA2x6