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Tarot 680 Pro TL68P00 6-Axis Carbon Fiber Folding Frame

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Tarot 680 Pro TL68P00 6-Axis Carbon Fiber Folding Frame
Tarot 680 Pro TL68P00 6-Axis Carbon Fiber Folding Frame without Canopy

It has a base plate with captive nuts now, and no need the orange extra bridge, longer screws or nuts.

Brand Name:Tarot
Item Name: Tarot 680 Pro 6-Axis Carbon Fiber Folding Frame
Item NO.: TL68P00

Tarot 680 Pro Configuration specifications (not included):
Wheelbase diameter 695MM
Rotor size :12 -13 inch carbon fiber propeller TL2829
Brushless motor : 4S/620KV4006 brushless motor TL68P02
Battery : 14.8V 4000-5000MHA
Brushless ESC:20-30A

Tarot FY680 Pro 3K Pure Carbon Fiber Full Folding Hexacopter with many advantages including quick folding,low gravity,super stability and super large installation space & Unique shape and apperance
Main board with Matte PCB circult,Integrated PCB connection :the power supply electric adjustment & ESC connection, etc
Quick wire connection,Provide adequate installation space for all kinds of flight control system
Adopts 3K Pure carbon fiber,CNC processing
16mm tube folding bracket widen 3 point support force,widen the place with carbon fiber plate,avoiding broken
New type carbon fiber fastener adopts Import enhance fiber nylon material,with M2.5 screw ,Its diameter M3.2 interface can make PCB and lever solid connection
The new folding landingskid with integral design safety locking device,preventing contraction caused by the impact
A new motor base plate with places to install a new wire harness protection for clamping design is convenient to adjust the motor level
TAROT 680 pro 6 axis vehicle frame in view of the user design require high portability, especially suitable for used for monitoring of remote sensing mapping aerial reconnaissance fire observation life exploring cable patrol farm monitoring for mobile high performance requirements, equipment load is not big and need a long blank navigation.
Tarot 680 Pro, the upgrade FY680 Rack  has a folding convenient, share the feature of lower center of gravity , more stable large installation space optimization design , this Tarot 680 Pro has been tested after With Gopro Gimbal,  wireless image transmission, total weight is 2.76KG, hover actual flight time 14.5MIN.

Accessories Reference Number:
500 dedicated field bag / black - Enhanced TL2647
T Series 1355 high-end carbon fiber blade TL2829 pros
680PRO 6 axis folding center plate group TL68P01
4006/620KV multi-axis brushless motor TL68P02
680PRO hanging under the battery holder TL68P03
Dia16MM 3K matte pattern of pure carbon tube (275MM) TL68P04
Dia16MM 3K folding machine arm pure carbon tube (262MM) TL68P05
Dia16MM 3K folding tripod pure carbon tube (185MM) TL68P06
680PRO carbon fiber pattern hood TL2851
680PRO Symphony paragraph hood TL2853
680PRO flag Pattern hood TL2852
16MM carbon tube folding seat positioning group / red TL68B28
16MM carbon tube folding seat positioning group / Black TL68B27
Dia16MM clamp-type motor mount / red TL68B26
Dia16MM clamp-type motor mount / Black TL68B25
685PRO tripod folding seat / red TL68B23
685PRO tripod folding seat / black TL68B24
Dia10MM 3K matte pattern of pure carbon tube (280MM) TL68B22
Dia16 folding tripod T -Block TL68B16
Dia16MM Carbon GPS mounts TL68B13
16MM carbon seat tube clamp metal group TL68B05
M10 metal silicone damping Seat TL68B10
M2.5 screws TL2778-01 ladder
GPS folding bracket TL15T08
NW : 0.81KG
Total weight : 1.05KG

Package Included:(
Canopy is not included )
1 x TL68P00 6-Axis Carbon Fiber Folding Frame (
without Canopy )