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T-Motor MN5212 KV340 High-Performance Brushless Electric Motor for Multi-Rotor Aircraft

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Brand: T-Motor


  • Specs: 340KV, 35A 840W max continuous power
  • Weight/dims: Shaft 6mm, Stator 52mm x 12mm, motor 59 x 33.5mm, 205g
  • No. of Cells (Lipo): 4-8S
  • Efficiency: Max (5-12A) > 83%, Idle 1.1A @ 10v
  • Internal resistance: 69 milliohms

Details: Tiger Motors T-Motor MN5212 340KV is a high-performance brushless motor specifically designed for use on multi-rotor aircraft such as quadcopters and hexacopters.

Featuring precision workmanship and EZO® Bearings from world renowned Japanese bearing manufacturer Sapporo Precision, Inc., T-motors are smooth running and well balanced right out of the box. This cuts down on vibrations that can negatively affect aerial video and autopilot inertial sensors.

With epoxy-coated Kawasaki stator plates for low eddy current loss, oxygen-free copper windings for low resistance, and N45UH high-temperature Neodymium magnets, T-motors are highly efficient and can maintain good performance even up to 180° C.

This MN5212 340KV motor is recommended for use with 4 to 8S LiPo and 15x5 to 18x6.1 props. See photo library above for detailed spec sheet and dimensional CAD drawing.

T-Motors are backed by a two-year manufacturer's warranty on materials and workmanship.