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T-Motor Flame 25A ESC


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  • Excellent Motor Compatibility

  • Active Braking Function

  • Max. Continuous Current : 25A

  • Two Throttle Signals : 30-500Hz Regular PWM and 30-600Hz OneShot125



Customized chips are employed to FLAME 25A which contributes to the increase in basic frequency up to 100MHz and code-materialization in hardware. Application of motor electromagnetic observation technology enables the precise inverting and speed change of motors which takes the full advantage of square wave drive. Parameters as to timings, braking, acceleration and rotating directions can be adjusted via RC. Best of all, FLAME 25A is compatible with all the prevailing motors in the market.



Racing Multicopter and Aerial Photography Multicopter



Parameters Min Typical Value Max Unit
Input Voltage 6.4 14.8 17.4 V
PWM 3.0 - 5.0 V
Max Continuons Current - - 25 A
Peak Current(3S) - - 30 A
Oneshot125 Signal Compatible Frequency 30 - 600 Hz
Regular Signal Compatible Frenquency 30 - 500 Hz
Ambient Temperature -10 25 50 C