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Lumenier LUX V2 Flight Controller


  • $36.99

  • Uses a powerful F3 processor along with top of the line hardware

  • Achieve gyro refresh rates up to 8kHz (high speed SPI) using popular Betaflight, CleanFlight and RaceFlight firmware along with ultra low looptimes

  • The LUX comes with BetaFlight pre-installed

  • Now you get a whopping 5x dedicated UART ports for periphials, along with an SD Card slot for practically unlimited data logging

  • No longer do you need to solder jumper pads for PPM/SBUS selection, it is automatically chosen via software!


New in V2

  • Dedicated UART for RC RX use, no need to solder a jumper to select PPM/SRX anymore.
  • Dedicated telemetry UART, this brings the total to 5x plus USB.
  • SD Card slot for BlackBox data recording (SD card not included)
  • Low noise MPU6000 SPI Gyro.
  • USB detection can disable things like buzzer when configuring on the bench.
  • New ultra low noise regulators for MCU and IMU power systems.
  • USB Conflict resolution - Hardware inversion, SBUS or telemetry can be used on any of the 3 available hardware serial ports. USB will not interfere with peripherals.
  • High Speed SPI 8kHz Gyro
  • MPU interrupt connected to F3, allowing the F3 to know immediately when fresh data is available.
  • Dedicated Boot button for easy firmware flashing.
  • Reinforced solder pads for trouble-free direct soldering.
  • Extremely low profile design.
  • Recessed, sideways pin headers. Also enables soldering of all wires directly to pads without use of any pin headers.
  • Integrated FRSky RSSI Filter (RC filter).
  • Input voltage 6v to 24v. Power the board directly from flight pack up to 6S (on 'BAT' pad only!).
  • VIN + VBAT merged - A single wire to power the board will provide voltage input and Telemetry/OSD voltage data.
  • Filtered voltage output - output 5v 1A (and 3.3v where applicable) to power peripherals such as GPS, RX, BLACKBOX, OSD. 5v/3.3v RX selectable.
  • Note: RX pad is dedicated to UART 4 in the Configurator.



  • 1x Lumenier Lux V2 Flight Controller
  • 2x 2x7 Straight Pin Headers