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Lumenier Helping Hands w/ 6 Arms, LED Light, Magnifying Glass, and Fan

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Need a hand, or maybe six? The Lumenier Helping Hands is a soldering station that can fit up to six flexible and sturdy arms to assist you in a wide variety of tasks from soldering electronics to precision hobby work.

In addition to the four clamps, the Lumenier Helping Hands comes with extra features such as a built-in magnifying glass and bright LED light. Used together, you can cleanly solder even the smallest pads!

Helping hands are one of those tools you never knew you missed until you try it. The Lumenier Helping Hands is easy to use and immensely helpful, an ideal addition to any workbench.

Note: Fan and LED are USB powered and will need a power source.


  • Six easy to position flexible arms - Hold multiple parts at once, or use them together for a heavier item
  • Sturdy aluminum base with silicone pads to prevent movement on the bench
  • Silicon covered alligator clamps for insulation and scratch protection
  • Bright LED lamp to illuminate what you're working on
  • Built-in magnifying glass makes precise soldering a breeze
  • 60mm Fan - Large enough to suck solder fumes away unlike smaller fans
  • Never lose a part - The base has 7 compartments to store small hardware and parts - plus a nook for your soldering iron


  • 1x Aluminum Base
  • 6x Non-slip silicone pads
  • 4x Arms with alligator clips
  • 1x Magnifying glass arm
  • 1x LED light arm
  • 1x 60mm Fan