J510 510mm Wheelbase Carbon Fiber Four-Axis Foldable Rack FPV Multi-Axis Frame Kit for Aerial Photography Drone

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The Frame is made of 3K Carbon Fiber board and full CNC machining, the whole frame weighs only 692 grams.
Folding design and more portable. Aerial stabilizer installation method is former hanging or middle suspension, the battery can be mounted on top plate or under hanging fixed,The frame with high landing skid.
It is suitable for simple flight and aerial photography, aerial mapping, reconnaissance, fire observation, life exploration, cable inspection, farm monitoring, oil route inspections,or the place where with high requirements on mobile performance, with low weight equipment load and more left space.


Item Name: Four-Axis Foldable Rack FPV Multi-Axis Aerial Frame Kit

Material: 3K Carbon Fiber 
Wheelbase: 510mm 

Weight: 692g

Max load: 2kg (According to the lipo power)


Suitable for APM2.5 / 2.6 / 2.8 / PIXHAWK flight controller

Suitable for DJI flight controller

Recommend Parts:(Not included)

Motor: 2212、2216、3108、3110、3508、3510、4108 motor

Propeller: 10~15" Prop

Battery: 3S-6S, 2200mah-6000mah, etc

KV ESC Battery Prop
380KV HobbyWing XRotor-Pro 40A

5200-6000mAh, 6S

13-15 inch
580KV HobbyWing XRotor 40A 
5200-6000mAh, 4S
12-15 inch
700KV HobbyWing XRotor 40A
5200-6000mAh, 4S
12-13 inch

Package Included:
1 * Folding frame
1 * Accessory pack