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HotRC Electric Hand Launch Foam Glider

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This toy glider is a blast to use! It takes no more than a minute to assemble and uses no battery. The plane uses a simple capacitor to store charge for a short time. Unplug the charger and see the motor spin up, throw it and watch it fly!.

A great way to introduce anyone to the world of flight!


  • Simple design with durable foam, easy to assemble and fly.
  • Use the battery case to charge the capacitor for about 10 seconds, and then throw the plane forward immediately. 
  • PP board material and add EPP board from two sides to enhance the protection of the plane head. Plastic bandage to double fix motor, wires, and capacitor.


  • Fuselage : 260mm
  • Wingspan:282mm
  • Weight: 12g
  • Remote Control: None required

Note: Never charge the plane for more than 20 seconds, or it may damage/blow the capacitor!


  • 1x Plane
  • 1x Charger (does not include 3x AA batteries)