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Hobby Creek Swivel Arm

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The difference between these Swivel Arms and the Spare Arms is the fact that the alligator clips on these are able to twist 360 degrees. The internal assembly process allows the clip to smoothly rotate without becoming unscrewed.  The arms are sturdy and moderately stiff so they stay where you put them yet move smoothly. It's a fine balance and the arms we've sourced are some of the best out there. The large alligator clips are of the highest quality. Each clip is covered with silicon covers to endure extremely high levels of heat while preventing any marring of your work surface. 


  • Flexible 12" Arm
  • Large alligator clip for various sized components and boards
  • Swivel assembly for easily rotation
  • Silicon covering
  • Thread locker is applied to the alligator/screw joint to prevent loosening


  • 1x Swivel Arm