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Hellbender 122 Racing Drone Frame - Pure Carbon Fiber Racing Quadcopter Frame - 3 inch propellers - Micro sized - Lightweight - Easy to Assemble! UAV FPV

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Brand: RMRC

Color: Black


  • 3mm main plate, uni-frame design
  • No standoffs required!
  • One of the smallest frames that utilizes 3" propellers
  • Wide top plate for mounting your transmitter or other gear
  • Light weight at 30g assembled

Genre: Drone Racing

Publisher: ReadyMadeRC

Details: Is a sub 250g machine that still allows you to fly like its bigger brother your ultimate goal? The RMRC Hellbender 122 is your answer! This frame is based on the 204, but shrunken down as much as possible to fit 3" props. Any smaller, and it would have hit the flight controller or the other props! ----- This frame can easily be built to have an AUW (all up weight) of less than 250 grams, which means you do NOT need to register this drone with the FAA! ------ Includes: *Main Plate, Top Plate *Flight controller stacker plate (can also be used to cover opening under your FC, or in lieu of the normal top plate) *4x 25mm bolts (for standoffs) *12x 5mm nylon spacers for stacking Flight Controller, PDB, or ESC boards----- Important Note: Some propeller manufacturers claim 3" props when they are actually around 3.1-3.2" in length. These will not work on the Hellbender 122 without a little trimming.