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GEPRC FPV GEP210 210MM Carbon Fiber Frame Kit Mini Quadcopter with PDB QAV250

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GEPRC FPV GEP210 210MM Carbon Fiber Frame Kit Mini Quadcopter with PDB QAV250
GEPRC FPV GEP210 210MM Frame Kit Mini Quadcopter with PDB QAV250

Brand Name: GEPRC
Item Name:GEP210
Main Board Thickness : 3mm
Other Bord Thickness: 1.5mm
Diagonal Wheelbase: 210mm
Net Weight: 98g
PDB: BEC 5V 12V out
3K hardness of carbon plate
Motherboard for the 3K one plate, the thickness of 3MM, strong and durable
Includes a plate (BEC 5V and 12V out), a tail plate (combination taillights, a CCD aluminum plate) lens plate (strong)
Lens angle can be adjusted, the maximum angle of 45 degrees
The overall layout is reasonable, the installation is simple and convenient.
Overall low center of gravity, battery and motor in the same plane, the center of gravity balance, tumbling more smooth and smooth
Frame structure is strong, in addition to the 3MM board, the carbon fiber board is 1.5MM, high strength
Machine tail with two kinds of image transmission method, the installation of the antenna vertical installation and bending wire, you adjust
10 special reinforced M3*15MM aluminum column, so that the frame structure is strong
Side plate and tail plate more concise
High precision and high durability screw
Recommanded Part:
Flight Controller : Naze32/F3
Motor: 1806/ 2204/ 2206/ 2208
Propeller: 4 inch/ 5 inch
FPV: 5.8G 200mW
Package Included:
1 x Frame Kit
1 x PDB
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