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FrSky S.BUS Servo Channel Changer

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The FrSky Servo Channel Changer is a tool designed for setting the channel of FrSky S.BUS & CCPM compatible servos (e.g. D12MB, Futaba S.BUS servos and the FrSky S.BUS to PWM Decoder). Simply connect the servo or decoder to the servo connection port of this device and a power source to the battery connection port. Then use the roller switch to change and set the channel numbers accordingly on the OLED screen.

No need for an expensive programmer when you have the economical and very portable FrSky Servo Channel Changer.


  • Dimensions: 48x67x22mm
  • Weight: 6.7g
  • Operating Voltage: 3~16V
  • Operating Temperature: -10~45°C
  • Compatibility: FrSky S.BUS & CCPM compatible servos, Futaba S.BUS servos, FrSky S.BUS to PWM Decoder