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FPV Backpack (Kit)

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The FPV Backpack is the all-in-one solution for a portable and complete FPV system. Now you can easily move your FPV setup from model to model.

Your entire FPV system (camera, A/V transmitter, antenna, battery) is installed in the self-contained precision laser cut bamboo housing.

The top plate of the FPV Backpack serves many purposes and comes in two different forms (both included). The narrower plate includes cutouts to easily and securely mount your Mobius HD camera via velcro or use the Mobius's included mounting sleeve for a clean look. This same plate also functions as a mount for a head-tracking pan/tilt system. The popular Fat Shark pan/tilt/roll system snaps right in and is secured by 2 screws. The second plate is wide enough to mount your GoPro camera for recording HD footage. Use the included neoprene foam to create a vibration free mounting surface for the GoPro to sit on, and secure it in place with the included velcro strap.

Since the FPV Backpack is self-contained, when using the optional Lumenier 450mAh 3s LiPo battery, you can simply move the entire unit from plane, to multirotor, to car etc. Now you don't have to setup FPV on each one of your models, simply move the FPV Backpack to the model you want and you're good to go!



  • 1x Full set of precision laser-cut bamboo plates
    • 2x Camera plates
    • 2x Top plates
    • 1x Set of hardware (M3x6 screws and nuts)
  • 1x Strip of Neoprene foam tape
  • 1x Lumenier LiPo Battery Strap
  • 12" Velcro strap

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