Flywoo HEXplorer LR 4 Hexa-copter HD/Analog Version 3mm Arm Thickness Carbon Fiber Frame Kit for FPV Racing RC Drone

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Brand: Flywoo

Item Name: Explorer LR 4 Hexa-copter Frame Kit

Material: 100% 3K carbon fiber 7075 aluminiumalloy

Thickness of arms: 3mm

Thickness of top plate: 1.5mm

Side arm: 2mm

Weight: 62g  

Package Included:

15x M2*6

30x M2*8

8x M2*12

2x M2 Locknot

10x M2 Press nut

4x Aluminum Standoffs M2*25

1x TPU 3D Printed Parts

1x Flywoo Atomic 5.8G UFL Ant

1x Flywoo Explorer LR 4 Hexa-copter Frame Kit

1x Atomic 5.8GHZ Antenna