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FatShark 1800mAh 7.4v Headset Battery

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The updated FatShark battery pack has a perfect shape to securely fit in a head strap. Capacity has also been increased yet again to 1800mAh and a balance lead has been added for charging off standard RC type chargers. The built-in LED power indicator will give you a charge level in just seconds. Also includes an adapter with banana plugs for easy charging.

This battery works with all Fat Shark goggles.

The balance lead on this battery pack is used as an accessory lead for powering the optional fan plate and it should NOT be used as a balance charge lead. If you have trouble charging this battery please refer to the updated manual.

XT60 Discharge Adapter sold seperately.


  • Voltage: 7.4v
  • Capacity: 1800mAh (13.3Wh)
  • Dimensions: 63x19x31mm
  • Weight: 100g
  • Max Charge Rate: 2C