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Drone Racing Practice Kit

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FPV Practice Bundle Kit

Now that you’re up and flying, you might want to start practicing FPV flying to compete as a pilot! This Practice Bundle contains all the flags, gates and timing systems that you need to practice FPV flying. Links to individual products included in this kit can be found below.

Our Recommendation

Learning how to fly FPV is an extremely fun journey! Having the right equipment to practice any skill makes it so much more fun. We have a selection of different gate sizes and flags. We would recommend the small gates for more advanced pilots and the medium gates for beginner to intermediate pilots. The small gates can also be seen as “technical” gates and the medium ones as “high-speed” gates.

Please read through the Purchasing Guidelines below to have a better understanding of which Addons you should consider purchasing.

The FPV Practice Bundle Kit includes the following parts

Base Components - FPV Practice Bundle Kit

Gates: Lumenier Race Gate (Medium)
Flag 1: GetFPV Race Flag
Flag 2: Lumenier Race Flag
Time Tracker: TBS RaceTracker

Purchasing Guidelines

If you are an FPV Enthusiast and would like to start building some basic FPV tracks, we’d recommend the following amount of each product:

  • 2x GetFPV Race Flag
  • 2x Lumenier Race Flag
  • 2x Lumenier Race Gate (Medium)
  • 1x TBS RaceTracker

If you are serious about training and want to build most courses that you will be racing at events, then we recommend the following amount of each product. This amount of gates and flags would also allow you to build all the courses and tracks from the “How-to fly FPV” series by FPV Academy.

  • 6x GetFPV Race Flag
  • 6x Lumenier Race Flag
  • 6x Lumenier Race Gate (Medium)
  • 1x TBS RaceTracker

FPV Academy Review


Flying FPV can become addictive.