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Diatone GT200N Racing (Blue)

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The Diatone 2017 GT200N Normal Racing Drone is the third generation of the GT series. Continuing with a minimalist design and reducing the level of components, the GT200N allows simplified parts installation and replacement. With 8 modified details and 1 important design improvement.

Fury F3 Flight Control

The 2017GT features a joint designed F3 flight conroller. Using a MPU6000 six axis gyro and 8K/8K settings, integrated 5V/1.5A BEC, OSD and 3.3V/500mA independent power supply IC (AMS1117-3.3) for the receiver, you can use 3.3V or 5V on the control pad or use the extra provided 3.3V BEC module.

Power System

30A ESC supports Dshot300/600 with a matching EDGE custom 2306 silver motor to provide a powerful driving force. The 2306 includes silver enameled wire to improve efficiency and reduce heat.

Flash 5112 Gemfan Propeller

the 5112 was designed to provide the ideal airfoil to match the motor. Pop surface pressure, speed rate, airfoil curve, thickness and more were analyzed and optimised to match the 2205-2206 type motor. These slight but effective improvements provide great performance results.

FPV System

The HS117 camera and SP2 V2 transmitter are a great match. The Sony Super 2 CCD provides a great image while the 2.3mm lens allows almost 120 degree angle of view. the SP2 V2 VTX provides 48 channels and 0/25/200/400mW power selection.

Motor Vibration Supression System

The separated structure design suspends the motor and provides complete isolation between teh motor and the frame. This provides an effective reduction of vibration transmitted to the frame and increases flight controller precision.


  • 1x Fury F3: MPU6000 Six-Axis; Betaflight OSD; 128M Flash; 140A CURR; 5V BEC 
  • 1x Camera: HS1177 SUPER HADⅡ CCD Sensor 
  • 1x VTX: SP2 V2 5.8G 48CH (0/25/200/400mW)
  • 4x ESC: 302XD high efficiency MOSFET, 3-4S, Dshot600 
  • 4x Motor: Edge racing custom silver 2306 2450KV 
  • 4x Motor damping system 169
  • 4x Propeller: Gemfan M5045BN master 3-blade propellers black
  • 1x Hardware Pack (screws + extra parts)
  • 1x Pack of cables
  • 1x Aomway 5.8GHz Antenna
  • 4x Metal ESC protectors
  • 1x Aluminum Brace for Battery Strap