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DAL Cyclone T5544C Propeller - Crystal Purple

DAL Cyclone T5544C Propeller - Crystal Purple

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Since the first Cyclone, DAL props have been designed by a leading aerodynamics professor in China. Within the first few seconds of flying the Cyclone, you can feel the difference like a breath of fresh air. This special quality has been distinctly maintained throughout the Cyclone line again and again. 

With hundreds of thousands of sets sold each month, the Cyclone line of props have been the most successful props the industry has ever seen. The T5544C is a fantastic addition to the line. 

This 5.5" prop is specialized for racing but also good for long-range flight. It offers less noise, stronger thrust, more stability, excellent dynamic balance, steady braking when making tight turns (less jello) and faster top end speed.


  • Type: Cyclone T5544C Props
  • Inner Diameter (Prop Mount): 5mm
  • Length: 5.5inch
  • Screw Pitch: 4.4inch
  • Hub Thickness: 7.5mm
  • Material: Polycarbonate + ABS
  • Weight: 4.3g


  • 2x CW Cyclone T5544C Props
  • 2x CCW Cyclone T5544C Props