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Atmospheric Adventures Aeolus 5" Pod version with T700 carbon Frame

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The Aeolus-5", rightly named after the God of Wind, is a game-changing 210mm Stretch X that features a solid 4mm bottom plate with knuckles to protect motors and no standoffs to save on weight. She weighs in at 110 grams with hardware and PDB. Wait there's more!! We cut this version in t700 carbon, and if you don't know what that is or means, it means super strong with less vibrations.

Why stretch it? This gives you more stability in the pitch axis for more stable forward flight, and less stability on the roll axis. This improves racing characteristics requiring less yaw but more roll to turn, keeping you in forward fast flight the whole time. Imagine yourself rolling through the course as fast as your ride will take you. Yeah, that’s what Aeolus can do for your racing. No carbon that isn’t needed, all that carbon that is.


  • Bottom Plate: 64g
  • POD: 24g


  • 1x Bottom Plate
  • 1x POD - Red, White, Or Black
  • 1x Atmo PDB
  • 1x TPU Pad for PDB
  • 1x File
  • 1x XT60 & 14awg Wire
  • 1x Large Atmo Battery Strap