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Armattan Armadillo FPV Drone Frame (Red)


  • $85.00

  • “It started off as a hand drawn design as most Armattan frames begin. . . The Armadillo is now my favorite Armattan air frame to date. It is tough, light, very nice looking. More importantly, it is a clever design that protects all electronics in a way very few air frame designs do.” - Chris - Armattan Founder and CEO

  • The Armadillo offers a slim width with an integrated PDB and fully enclosed electronics protection. With 1MM of clearance on each side, flight controllers and VTX’s are entirely enclosed and protected.

  • Your camera is also shielded, mounted, and entirely adjustable. This frame structure allows for HD camera mounting solutions right out of the box so you can record your flights.

  • Exacting tolerances and the industries highest quality carbon fiber ensure you will be flying one of the toughest and fastest models available today.

  • Designed by Chris and refined by CorporalBadger, The Armadillo is a Hybrid Freestyle/Racer frame designed to be the perfect balance between strength and lightweight providing a solid experience for newcomers and top tier pilots alike.


Full Carbon Fiber Warranty bumper to bumper, you can crash and burn without fear of having to pay for replacement.

Note: Parts would be warrantied by Armattan (original manufacturer) through here



  • 4MM Carbon Fiber Arms x4
  • 1.5MM Carbon Fiber Big Top Plate
  • 1.5mm Carbon Fiber Small Top Plate
  • 1.5MM Carbon Fiber Bottom Center Plate
  • 2MM Side Plates x2
  • 1.5MM VTX Plate
  • 1.5MM Carbon Fiber Cam Braces x2
  • Armadillo V2 Regulated PDB
  • FPV Rubber Dimes x2
  • 7MM M3 Aluminum Thumbscrews x2
  • 5MM M2 Bolts
  • M2 Washer x2
  • Sunknuts x12
  • 6MM M3 Metal Bolts x6
  • 8MM M3 Metal Bolts x4
  • 12MM M3 Metal Bolts x4
  • 38MM Aluminum Standoffs x3
  • 6MM M3 M/F Nylon Standoffs
  • Nylon Nuts x4
  • 7MM M3 Metal Bolts x16
  • Battery Strap



  • LED
  • 1.5mm CF Top Bottom Plate [no PDB]
  • Adhesive Lipo Pad


What else is needed?

  • Flight Controller
  • ESCs x4
  • Motors x4
  • 5V Regulator
  • Receiver [+ Transmitter of course!]
  • LiPo(s) [+LiPo Charger]
  • Lots and Lots and Lots of Props!