APM PX4  Pix Pixhawk Pixhack Autopilots Flight Controller Mode Switch Switcher

APM PX4 Pix Pixhawk Pixhack Autopilots Flight Controller Mode Switch Switcher

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APM Pix Pixhawk Pixhack Flight Controller Mode Switch Switcher

The flight mode switcher has been designed for open source autopilots such as APM, PX4 and Pix etc. It can switch the flight mode accurately and quickly and replaces the troublesome 2 stage and 3 stage switchers.

Users can set the parameters for the flight mode switcher on the unit and choose the most suitable modes for their requirements. The flight mode switcher features a stable performance, is easy to set up and is small and lightweight.

Type: Flight Mode Switcher
Working Voltage: 3~5V
Modes: 6 selectable
Operating Temperature: -10°C~+60°C
Dimensions: 59 x 29 x 9.3mm
Weight: 13g

Typical flight modes are as follows:
• STA (Stabilized) Model will automatically level itself
• SIM (Simple) Allows you to control the movement of the model from the pilots point of view regardless of which way the model is facing
• ALT (Altitude Hold) When this mode is selected it will hold this altitude
• LOI (Loiter) Allows model to hover in the same spot on its own without any input from the pilot
• AUT (Auto) The model will follow a pre-programmed course stored in the autopilot
• RTL (Return to land) Once selected the model will return and land at the point of take-off

The flight mode switcher is simple to install on your transmitter but it is not "plug & play", there is a small amount of soldering involved inside the Tx. 

Once installed on your transmitter and set up in "Mission Planner" it is very simple to use, just press the relevant mode button on the switcher and the model will go into that mode. There is an indicator light to show which mode has been selected and is in use.

• Allows the user to easily set 6 flight modes
• Simple and straightforward to install
• Compact and lightweight
• Status indicator lights

English Manual,Click Here

Package included:
1x Flight Mode Switcher
1x Connection harness