SucceX 55A Slick 2-6S ESC


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Product Description

The SucceX 55A Slick 2-6S ESC Dshot1200 is specially designed for FPV racing frames with slim arms like Dove, Dove Lite, Archer. It comes with 48MHZ 32-bit STM32F051, to provide faster response speed and processing capacity. The STM32F051 is combined with the high-performance 3-in-1 driver, to lower the signal delay from throttle to the receiver, accelerate the motor responding speed and increase the control precision.iFlight SucceX 55A Slick ESC provides the advantages of rapid flight and extraordinary flight experience!



- 48MHZ running speed integrated 3 in 1 STM32F051;

- Total 8-layer PCB board;

- High temperature and high current resistance;

- Support telemetry & current sensor ;

- RGB LED for power- on display;

- 35*11mm dimension, perfect for FPV racing frames w/ slim arms.

- countersinks and semicircle orifices enable each layer to be energized after power-on

- Support Dshot150/300/600/1200/Multishot/Oneshot;

- More aerodynamic, less prop thrust disturbance



- Input Voltage: 2-6S

- Weight: 3.7g without cables

- Dimension: 35*11*2mm

- Current sensor: support

- Telemetry: support

- RGB led lights display status


- Support: Dshot150/300/600/1200, MultiShot, OneShot;

- Target:iFlight-BL32-PRO

-BLHeliSuite download (BL32):



- No additional capacitor needed up to 5S!

- But to encounter back EMF and ensure the longevity of your electronics, min. 220uF Cap 35V for 4-5S, 50V for 6S on your main lead!


Package Included:

- SucceX 55A  Slick ESC *1pcs

- 35V 220uf capacitor * 1pcs

- Power cables & ESC signal wires *1set