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2-6 Cells LED Lipo Battery Voltage Indicator Checker Gauge

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2-6 Cells LED Lipo Battery Voltage Indicator Checker Gauge2-6 Cells LED Lipo Battery Voltage Indicator Checker Gauge

The 2-6 cells Li-Po voltage indicator mainly used to measure the each single battery voltage of 2-6 cells Li-Po batteries, and the voltage readouts will be displayed twinkling LED in different colors twinkling LED. In this way, even though far away from the plane, we also can know the current status of each battery, so the battery can be efficiently protected. Compare with the simillar LCD screen, the LED display make the weight becomes lighter, you can keep it as a must tool or fix it on the plane to detect the real-time battery status.

Item name: 2-6 cells Li-Po voltage indicator

Working Temperature: -20℃ to 50 ℃
Weight: 4.2g
Size: 60*22*3mm
Working Voltage: ≥2S≥7V
Measuring Accuracy: 0.1V+-2%
Display Accuracy: 0.1V


* Works on 2-6 Cells Lipo Batteries With A JST-XH (Most Common Type) Balance Lead.
* Super bright LED's make it easy to read.
* Reads Individual Cell Voltage - Easy To Tell If A Pack Is Out Of Balance.

Package Included:
1X 2-6 cells Li-Po voltage indicator