Realacc RX5808-PRO-PLUS-OSD 5.8G 48CH FPV Receiver Achilles Open Source For Fatshark Goggles

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Realacc RX5808-PRO-PLUS-OSD 5.8G 48CH FPV Receiver Achilles Open Source For Fatshark Goggles

Realacc RX5808-PRO-PLUS-OSD 5.8G FPV Receiver For Fatshark Dominator Attitude Goggles

Free firmware with OSD function for normal version!!!
Click here to download the firmware and upgrade your normal RX to OSD version for free.
You can change the format from ".bin" to ".HEX" and burn directly via the USB port. (The "bin" firmware requires a burner to burn, can not use the USB port directly.)

Dimension : 43*28*18mm 
Weight : 26.7g
Power Supply : 5V
Max Current : 300mAh
Support Fatshark Goggles : Dominators/Dominator V2/Dominator V3/Dominator HD/Dominator HD V2/Dominator HD V3 /Dominator SE /Attitude V3 - Some modification required
Note : 
The position of pins socket on Attitude V4 are different from other Fatshark goggles. You can cut or unsolder the original pins of receiver, and resolder a spare pins head that special for V4 goggles on it, the spare pins head is included in package .

Integrate buzzer and USB port 
New OSD function(Only Achilles supports, normal version doesn't.),  can display the menu information on both receiver OLED and goggles screen(can be turned off),  no need to take off the glasses when you adjust the parameter.
Adopt popular STM32 chip, advanced optimization on hardware design. 
Reserved port for fatshark control for secondary development, enhance its functions and extend its period

Compatible with multi firmwares that created by many forum communities  :
(Download the firmware, burn it to receiver via CF, BF or INAV software, same as the way to burn firmware into the flight controller. Before you burn the firmware in it, press the BOOT and power on the receiver.)

1. (Free , recommanded)

2. (OSD function need to pay for use, recommanded)


4. (Free)

Compared with RX5808 PRO PLUS & Furious
  New RX5808 PRO PLUS Furious
Chip STM32 F1 Chip, faster operating rate MWC chip,slower rate MWC chip,slower rate
Screen Display & Adjustment Built-in OSD, dual display menu on OLED and goggles
Button on receiver can adjust the menu
OLED screen display
Adjust the menu by RX button
OLED screen display
Adjust the menu by RX button
Support Firmware Open Source/Support multi firmware
New : Seeking Function
Open Source Closed Source
Upgrading Firmware
Upgraded by USB port, connecting with CF/BF/INAV FC, upgrade it on  configuration interface USB USB
New firmware, may pay for it Not popular chip, lower rate then STM32, no much open source firmware for it Not popular chip, high cost low rate, closed source limited, high power consumption 

Package Included
1 x  RX5808-PRO-PLUS-OSD Receiver



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