F2S Flight Controller with M8N GPS XT60 Galvanometer for FPV Aircraft

F2S Flight Controller with M8N GPS XT60 Galvanometer for FPV Aircraft

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F2S Flight Controller with M8N GPS XT60 Galvanometer for FPV Aircraft

New F2S flight controller is improved. The power supply is optimized, support directly 2S-6S to supply power to flight control.
The accyracy of galvanometer is optimized, the tolerance is almost zero. The satellite can be found when starting for 2s.

Input signal:
- Aileron channel
- Horizontal tail channel
- Throttle channel
- Mode selection channel

Output signal:
- Aileron (no aircraft aileron received vertical tail actuator)
- Horizontal tail channel
- Throttle channel (connected to the power transfer)
- 4 channels output, connect to one side of the V tail aircraft, not for the common aircraft types .

(Before GPS is not positioned, the three switch control is all balanced mode, only receiving more than 6 stars, can be converted to other control mode.

1. Balance mode: Three stage switch, high position.
The aircraft is responsible for the posture that relative to the ground . To achieve the level of flying aircraft flying.

2. Lock mode (above version 2.0):  three stages switch,middle position
Lock mode is the aileron channel or pitch channel, when the rocker to midpoint, flight control automatically lock direction or the height of the mode, more than the midpoint, and turninto a balanced mode. Such a lock mode, you can achieve a fixed high directional flight, set high non directional flight, the direction of the high altitude flight, balance mode, very convenient.

3. Return mode: three stages switch,  low position.
Automatic return.The throttle is decided by receiver throttle and the lowest throttle. If the receiver is out-of-control mode, can realize the automatic return.

4. Manual control channel (switching full manual mode, flight mode, flight mode.

The camera and image transmission will output the voltage as same as the input voltage of galvanometer. So the camera and image transmission have to be powered by external UBEC or powered individually when the input voltage of them is not appropriate.

FPV fixed wing aircraft is generally not recommended to use the rudder, the ailerons is ok when turning. If you want to use rudder , can directly connect the servo to the 4 channel of the remote receiver, it will be ok.

This set only included F2S flight controller, 
M8N GPS and XT60 galvanometer, not included other FPV equipments

Manual: Click Here

Package included:
1x F2S Flight Controller
1x M8N GPS
1x XT60 Galvanometer